Count the Kicks

Count the Kicks

10 Episodes

A powerful tool to improve birth outcomes for moms and babies. Visit

Count the Kicks
  • Count the Kicks: A Powerful Tool to Improve Birth Outcomes

    Episode 1

    The FREE Count the Kicks app is a powerful tool to help improve birth outcomes for expectant parents and their babies. Count the Kicks is also a great way to bond with your baby and get to know their personality before they arrive! Visit the app store to download the FREE Count the Kicks pregnan...

  • Speak Up!

    Episode 2

    Black, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and American Indian or Alaska Native families face the greatest risk of experiencing a stillbirth during pregnancy. This video encourages all women, but especially Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and Black expectant parents, to download the fr...

  • How To Count the Kicks

    Episode 3

    The FREE Count the Kicks app is an easy way to monitor your baby’s well-being in the third trimester of pregnancy. With it you can track movements for single babies OR twins, rate the strength of your baby’s movements, see graphs that show your baby’s normal movement history, take notes, share d...

  • Como Contar los Movimientos

    Episode 4

    ¿Tercer trimestre? ¡Es hora de empezar a contar los movimientos del bebé! Los estudios muestran que un cambio en el movimiento del bebé es la indicación más temprana y a veces la única de que puede haber un problema con el embarazo. Visita la tienda de aplicaciones para descargar la aplicación G...

  • Nahla’s Baby Save Story

    Episode 5

    Dana was using the Count the Kicks app, noticed a change in her baby's movement, and went to the hospital to get everything checked out. Hear Nahla's Count the Kicks success story in Dana's own words.

  • Lucy's Baby Save Story

    Episode 6

    Lucy’s parents Eleni and Adam share their experience with the Count the Kicks app and explain how it led to Lucy’s safe arrival. Third trimester? Get to know your baby's movements using the free Count the Kicks app. Get started today!

  • Senara's Baby Save Story

    Episode 7

    Destiny bravely shares her life-saving story about noticing a change in her daughter Senara's movements during the eighth month of her pregnancy. With our app, she became aware, took action and got Senara here safely.

    Third trimester? Get to know your baby's movements using the free Count the K...

  • Ruby’s Story on Good Morning America

    Episode 8

    Baby Ruby arrived safely in June of 2017 when her mom Emily noticed a change in her baby’s normal movement pattern. Ruby’s story was shared on Good Morning America, and went on to capture the attention of 300 million people around the world and influence tens of thousands of moms to download the ...

  • Count the Kicks: Bond With Your Baby, Feel Empowered, Trust Your Instincts

    Episode 9

    Starting at 26-28 weeks, monitor \your baby’s movements with our FREE Count the Kicks mobile app (available in 20+ languages), a web-based kick counter, or a paper chart. It’s a chance to connect with your baby and learn your baby's normal movement patterns. Call your provider right away if you...

  • Third Trimester? Your Baby's Movements Matter

    Episode 10

    Did you know? Your baby's movements are an important sign of their well-being in the third trimester of pregnancy.

    Get to know their normal movement patterns using the FREE Count the Kicks app, which is available in more than 20+ languages! Download it today or visit for m...