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  • Trial of Labor

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    'Trial of Labor' follows a small group of pregnant women and their journeys back to trusting themselves and their bodies after previous births ended in unplanned surgery. Each woman has chosen to plan a vaginal birth after Cesarean, and the uncertainty of their imminent births evokes

  • Mindful Movement

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    Hi! I'm Natalie, and I am so glad you're here! I have dedicated my life to making movement more fun and accessible for everyone, especially moms who are busy and who have realized there's a whole bunch of stuff they didn't tell you about...like your pelvic floor, and how to actually activate your...

  • Heads Up: A Breech Birth Documentary

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    A breech baby is born nearly every four minutes in the United States. Until the year 2000, a woman could opt to birth her breech baby vaginally or via surgery. Then, in 2001, a study came out that took away one of those options. The study was later found to be faulty, but the damage was already d...