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More Than Blood


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  • Beautiful Births

    Beautiful Birth's fresh and unique take on this subject, touches upon pregnancy and childbirth in a way that we haven't seen done before. Instead of telling you what is best for you, this film provides information so that you can decide what is best for you. Beautiful Births covers a variety of s...

  • Tainai Kioku (Prenatal Memory)

    Prenatal Memory is a film by Dr. Akira Ikegawa that explores the idea of memories being formed and retained during fetal development in the womb. The film suggests that experiences and stimuli a fetus is exposed to in utero can have a lasting impact on the individual's later life. The film discus...

  • One More Shot

    Infertility has never been revealed in a film like this before. Shot first person and told from the participants themselves, this is an unflinching look at the hope, loss, and humor that come from trying to start a family when you can’t do it the old fashioned way.