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Healthful Woman Podcast

“Endometrial and Uterine Cancer” – with Dr. Gizelka David-West


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    Dr. Tamar Goldwaser explains genetic cancer, including how inherited genetic mutations increase a risk for cancer, and which patients are at a higher risk. She and Dr. Fox discuss when women should choose genetic cancer screening, which cancers to screen for, and genetic counseling and cancer.

  • “Breast Cancer, Part 1- Overview of B...

    In part one of a discussion of breast cancer, Dr. Fox introduces Dr. Christina Weltz, an assistant professor of surgery and surgical oncology at Mount Sinai Hospital. In this episode, they discuss Dr. Weltz’s path to medicine, why breast exams are difficult for doctors, and more.

  • “Breast Cancer, Part 2 Screening and ...

    In the second part of Dr. Weltz and Dr. Fox’s discussion on breast cancer, they cover treatment and therapies, improving recovery rates, and why breast cancer screening remains important.