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Healthful Woman Podcast

Fetal Echocardiograms- a Heart to Heart- - with Dr. Jen Lam-Rachlin .

Episode 116 • 44m

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    Dr. Shari Gelber returns to Healthful Woman to explain PPROM, or preterm premature rupture of membranes, meaning that the water breaks early. PPROM occurs in just 2-3% of pregnancies but can cause complications including premature birth or infection. Dr. Gelber explains causes for PPROM and more.

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    Dominique Weiss is the owner and educator at Baby Zone NYC. In this episode, she covers her background and training as a nurse, doula, and lactation consultant and what patients can expect from a modern birthing class.

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    Dr. Melka joins Healthful Woman to talk about advanced maternal age, or AMA. In this episode, she explains the history of identifying AMA and terms like “elderly pregnancy” or “geriatric pregnancy,” clears up misconceptions about risks, and explains common problems that obstetricians screen for o...