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Healthful Woman Podcast

“How our Kids Learn, Part A_ IQ’s and Neuropsychological Testing”


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  • The controversy over learning disabil...

    In Part Two of our previous episode, Dr. Marla Baum expands her discussion on neuropsychological testing for children. She and Dr. Fox discuss when a child should be tested, stigma in learning disabilities, accommodations for children who struggle, and more.

  • “Newborns! Part A- From birth until y...

    Dr. Tracy Agnese, a pediatrician, joins the podcast to discuss newborn evaluations and what pediatricians look out for in a baby’s first appointments. Plus, she and Dr. Fox discuss her Youtube channel and Instagram account, @babydocmama, which she started to answer common questions from new paren...

  • “Newborns! Part B_ The rough and tumb...

    What are parents most worried about in the first few days of their baby’s life? What’s normal in the first few days? What should you actually call your doctor about? Pediatrician Dr. Tracy Agnese joins Healthful Woman to answer some of these common questions about a baby’s first few days of life.