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Healthful Woman Podcast

Intro to Twin Pregnancies_ Types of Twins, and Why it Matters.


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    Dr. Andrei Rebarber joins Dr. Fox to discuss prenatal care for twin pregnancies. In this episode, they cover specialist care for twin pregnancies, vanishing twins, genetic screening, and more.

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    In part two of this episode, Dr. Rebarber continues the discussion on prenatal care for twins. He covers common complications including preterm birth and fetal growth restriction and how OB/GYNs can prevent or treat these issues.

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    Dr. Nahla Khalek is an OB-GYN from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who works in a specialized surgical center for fetal diagnosis and treatment. In this episode, she explains twin-twin transfusion syndrome, a unique diagnosis in which two fetuses share a placenta in such a way that one ba...