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Healthful Woman Podcast

Sharsheret Supporting Women with Cancer - with Elana Silber


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  • VBAC to the Future - with Dr. Stephan...

    Dr. Stephanie Melka returns to discuss VBAC, or vaginal birth after cesarean. In this episode, she and Dr. Fox review risks associated with VBAC, which patients are candidates for VBAC, and choosing between cesarean and vaginal deliveries.

  • _Incontinence_ Very Common, Very Trea...

    Dr. Alan Garely, an urogynecology specialist, explains urinary incontinence. In this episode, he and Dr. Fox discuss the urogynecology specialty, common causes for urinary incontinence, surgery, and treatment options.

  • Birth Plans and God Laughs - with Dr....

    In this episode of Healthful Woman, Dr. Stephanie Melka returns to cover birth plans, or “your vision of what your birth is.” She and Dr. Fox explain how women should discuss birth plans with their obstetricians, “deal breakers,” and common requests patients make in their birth plans.