Selected content about loss.

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  • Still Loved

    Still Loved explores the complexity and reality for families surviving baby loss. Giving an unexpected voice to bereaved fathers, who speak candidly for the first time providing an additional perspective to that offered by mothers, grandparents and siblings. This is a brave, inclusive and ultimat...

  • Count the Kicks: A Powerful Tool to Improve Birth Outcomes

    The FREE Count the Kicks app is a powerful tool to help improve birth outcomes for expectant parents and their babies. Count the Kicks is also a great way to bond with your baby and get to know their personality before they arrive! Visit the app store to download the FREE Count the Kicks pregnan...

  • 11 WtF- Scary Moment #1 – Miscarriage Risks

  • First Trimester Pregnancy Loss (Miscarriage) - with Dr. Sarp Aksel Healthful

    In this episode, Dr. Sarp Aksel discusses first trimester miscarriage, an unfortunate reality for about a quarter of women. He and Dr. Fox clear up confusion around terminology, explain procedure options and when a woman should call her doctor, and more.

  • “AMANDA”

    Miscarriage is such a complicated and often silent topic. Unexpectedly losing an expected child can come with so many feelings of confusion, guilt, grief as well as anxiety, doubt, and depression. While miscarriage is unfortunately not that uncommon (10-20% of women who know they are pregnant wil...

  • Episode 1 - The Journey Begins

    Lyndal and Jamie share their story of how their journey begins and how the FIFO life can take it's toll on falling pregnant in the first instance. David candidly discusses miscarriage through illnesses while Kristy opens up about being naive to miscarriage and how distance makes it that much more...

  • Christi Lewkow - Empowered Mama, Ep. 1

    Empowered Mama Christi joins us for a vulnerable conversation about her courageous pregnancy and birth experience with twins and how she found the strength to continue growing her family after loss.

  • “Supporting Women with Pregnancy Loss” – with Shira Billet

    Host Dr. Fox welcomes Dr. Shira Billet, who since experiencing pregnancy loss herself counsels women and families through this trauma. Dr. Billet holds a PhD in philosophy and religion, and outside of her professional career has carved a niche for herself in helping others deal with the grief of ...