Milk Trails

Milk Trails

26 Episodes

Milk Trails is a podcast dedicated to the out-of-hospital birth experience. Sharing stories can help reduce fear and misunderstanding around childbirth. In each episode, licensed midwife, Hayley Oakes, interviews home birth and birth center parents about their experiences – including the choices they made leading them to an out-of-hospital birth, how they prepared, fears they worked through and of course how the birth went. By exploring birth in settings that allow mothers and/or birthing folks to feel safe and that support the un-medicated birth process can help illustrate the scope of what ‘normal’ birth can look like. Hopefully this can educate and empower expectant families in their own birthing experience whether at home, birth center or hospital.

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Milk Trails
  • “SAMARA”

    Episode 24

    Samara is a 42-year-old mother of 4, yoga instructor and Zumba teacher. She gave birth to all of her children at home with her youngest just 9 months ago. In addition to co-managed care with an OB-GYN and her midwife, Samara’s trust in her body’s strength, wisdom and capabilities trumped all conc...

  • “RENEE”

    Episode 25

    As I prepare to welcome my second child into this world, this episode feels especially appropriate and a good one to temporarily sign off with. Renee Morrison, a mother to two beautiful children earth side, entrepreneur, and creator shares her birthing stories – one at a birth center and one at h...