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  • Andrea P. Ep 7

    Andrea plans to birth her third child at home. She and Jessica discuss her preparations for home birth from the both the perspective of patient and a midwife. Discussion includes how the other children and pets might react or interact at the birth.

  • Andrea P. Ep 8

    ‪Andrea is joined by her husband, Andres, and her midwife Beth Cannon. Andres shares his perspective on the first two pregnancies and births. Beth weights in on the final weeks of prenatal care and preparation for the upcoming home birth. ‬

  • Andrea P. Ep 9

    Andrea begins feeling intense surges but they are spaced far apart. As the day progresses her technical brain is at odds with her primal brain and she isn't totally convinced labor is starting. Midwife Beth Cannon weights in on the unique challenges of being a midwife for a fellow birth worker.