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  • Katya S. Ep 3

    At 41 weeks and 3 days, Katya reluctantly agrees to labor induction and has a big and Immediate reaction after a "Foley bulb" is placed.

  • Katya S. Ep 4

    Katya feels intense pressure to induce labor even though her body doesn't feel ready. In this episode midwife, Aleks Evanguelidi joins us to help process Katya's birth journey. Learn about what it means to find meconium in the amniotic fluid and the importance of choosing a birth professional w...

  • Katya S. Ep 5

    34 hours into labor Katya, on 16 units of Pitocin and experiencing intense back labor, decides to get an epidural as she gets closer to pushing. Midwife Aleksandra Evanguelidi shares some insight into how fetal position can affect labor and birth.