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  • Anne S. Episode 10

    As labor extends into the second day Anne throws her back out. Her contractions are now causing intense back pain and vomiting. Midwife Blyss Young takes Anne to Dr. Berlin's office for bodywork and adjustments to help relieve her back pain.

  • Anne S. Episode 11

    48 hours into labor Anne leaves Dr. Berlin's office with less pain and having an easier time surrendering to her surges. She starts to relax but before she can get to sleep, things pick up again and a few hours later she starts to run a fever.

  • Anne S. Episode 12

    55 hours into labor Anne's water breaks and meconium is present. Anne considers her options with her Midwife Blyss Young. Blyss walks us through how she monitors mom and baby during a planned home VBAC and what she looks for to help ensure safety throughout.