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Healthful Woman Podcast

“Labor Nurses_ Why they are awesome” – with Chanie Fingerer RN .


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    This episode of Healthful Woman features Dr. Jaclyn Bonder, associate professor of Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine at Cornell with expertise in pelvic, pregnant, and postpartum pain. She explains what physiatry is and how it differs from physical therapy as well as common pelvic pain issues her ...

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    This episode of Healthful Woman covers Celiac disease and following a gluten-free diet. Hear from Casey Seiden, a registered dietician, and Nili Fox, Dr. Fox’s daughter who has Celiac disease. They discuss the diagnostic process, common signs and symptoms, and tips for following a gluten-free diet.

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    Emily Oster returns to Healthful Woman to give updates on her thoughts regarding the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic after reviewing the data. She and Dr. Fox cover topics like the vaccine, the Delta variant, predictions for remote vs. in-person school this fall, and more.