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Bundle Birth

Should you Get an Epidural… or Not?

Episode 11 • 11m

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  • How to Prevent Perineal Tearing

    Most birthing people have a fear of, or at least a concern about tearing during delivery. NOBODY wants to tear! Learn all about tearing, degrees of tears, what makes you more or less likely to tear and most importantly, how to keep that vagina intact!

  • How to Push: Open-Glottis Pushing Rec...

    Heard that you have to totally hold your breath while pushing? Worried you won't be able to push "correctly" while you give birth? Sarah’s got you! Sarah shares the difference between open and closed-glottis pushing, why you would want to do one or the other, and how to push effectively to help p...

  • What to Expect with a Cesarean Birth

    While most birth education teaches about vaginal birth, there is always a chance that it may be safer for you to have a cesarean birth. It is important that you have a baseline understanding about what would happen in the case of a cesarean, so that you can be prepared, know how to advocate for y...