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Bundle Birth

17 Episodes

Bundle Birth is your one-stop-shop for education and support for your hospital birth!

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Bundle Birth
  • Your Rights as a Patient in the Hospital

    Episode 1

    Before we get into this series, this is possibly the MOST important lesson you can learn as you approach your labor & birth in the hospital setting. Have you heard friends or family ask what they "can" I or "can't" do in the hospital? Sarah hears that laboring/birthing people weren't "allowed" to...

  • What is Labor Actually?

    Episode 2

    Let's start with the basics and talk about LABOR (Sarah’s specialty)! This concept is by far one of, if not THE most important concept to understand as you prepare for your labor & birth, are pregnant or even educating others! Sarah explains how you know if you're in labor, the difference between...

  • True Signs of Labor - When to Go to the Hospital?

    Episode 3

    Oh the infamous questions of all time, “How do I KNOW for sure that I'm in labor? What are the signs of labor? What aren't signs of labor? How do I time my contractions? When should I go to the hospital?”
    Sarah shares with you the TRUE signs of labor - fully understanding that everyone is differe...

  • What Happens When your Water Breaks?

    Episode 4

    Your water bag can break at any point before or during labor. What do you do when it breaks? What might happen in the hospital? What should you expect? Get all your questions answered here about your water breaking for your labor & birth!

  • How to Put Together Your Birth Preferences/Plan

    Episode 5

    Wondering how to put together a birth plan? You’re not alone! We like to call birth plans your birth preferences, because as we all know, you can plan for all the things in the world for your pregnancy, labor, birth & postpartum, but it doesn’t always go as planned! It IS important however to kno...

  • How to Engage Your Baby for a Faster Labor

    Episode 6

    Have you been told that your baby is high or needs to engage more in your pelvis?! STRESSFUL right?! No stress! Sarah is going to talk you through what your doctor or midwife means when they say the baby isn’t engaged yet, when it matters, and show you some things you can be doing during pregnanc...

  • Labor Positions for a Faster Birth

    Episode 7

    Here at Bundle Birth, we talk about, teach and even sell products for you and your nurses, teaching about positions for your labor. But what does this even mean and why is it important? In this video, you will learn all about how position changes while in labor can help you have a faster, easier,...

  • All About Vaginal/Cervical Exams - Are They Necessary?

    Episode 8

    One of the common "practices" that can happen during labor in the hospital is a vaginal/cervical exam to check for dilation, effacement and station! In this video, Sarah will answer all of your common questions about vaginal exams, SHOW you what each stage of dilation looks like, give you some ti...

  • Scared of Labor Pain?

    Episode 9

    It is extremely normal to, when you think of labor, think about PAIN! How are you going to cope with it and survive it? There is HOPE for you because your body is ready and equipped to! You will learn how to begin your preparation for coping, and to have a positive birth experience! This framewor...

  • How to Breathe to Cope with Labor

    Episode 10

    Breathing is THE most important coping tip you can apply for your labor... and life!! You will learn 3 different breathing techniques that will help you cope, stay in control, and manage your contractions and pain! Make sure you practice along! You CAN do this!

  • Should you Get an Epidural… or Not?

    Episode 11

    Oh the dilemma! Whether or not you chose to get an epidural, the ultimate goal is to have a happy birth memory. Sarah guides you through how to make the decision about whether or not to get an epidural, and an essential framework to help you have that positive birth memory.

  • How to Prevent Perineal Tearing

    Episode 12

    Most birthing people have a fear of, or at least a concern about tearing during delivery. NOBODY wants to tear! Learn all about tearing, degrees of tears, what makes you more or less likely to tear and most importantly, how to keep that vagina intact!

  • How to Push: Open-Glottis Pushing Recommendation (Bonus!)

    Episode 13

    Heard that you have to totally hold your breath while pushing? Worried you won't be able to push "correctly" while you give birth? Sarah’s got you! Sarah shares the difference between open and closed-glottis pushing, why you would want to do one or the other, and how to push effectively to help p...

  • What to Expect with a Cesarean Birth

    Episode 14

    While most birth education teaches about vaginal birth, there is always a chance that it may be safer for you to have a cesarean birth. It is important that you have a baseline understanding about what would happen in the case of a cesarean, so that you can be prepared, know how to advocate for y...

  • Breastfeeding Signs that Your Baby is Getting Enough Milk

    Episode 15

    100% the number one concern Sarah gets from new breastfeeding parents is “how do I know that my baby is getting enough milk?” This makes so much sense! Of course, you want to feed your child and be sure that they have what they need. Breastfeeding can be especially stressful because you’re not me...

  • How to Increase Your Breastmilk Supply?

    Episode 16

    Breastfeeding shouldn't be painful, both emotionally and physically! The second most common concern families have about breastfeeding is how to increase your supply! Sarah is here to ease your minds and get that milk to flow by sharing these tips!

  • 5 Tips for a Positive Postpartum Experience

    Episode 17

    Postpartum is just the time (6 weeks - 1 year) after birth when your body is recovering and you're getting to know how to care for your baby! Sarah shares the top 5 tips you need to know to help you have a successful postpartum period - they are intentionally prioritized and balanced out between ...