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Bundle Birth

Your Rights as a Patient in the Hospital

Episode 1

Up Next in Season 1

  • What is Labor Actually?

    Let's start with the basics and talk about LABOR (Sarah’s specialty)! This concept is by far one of, if not THE most important concept to understand as you prepare for your labor & birth, are pregnant or even educating others! Sarah explains how you know if you're in labor, the difference between...

  • True Signs of Labor - When to Go to t...

    Oh the infamous questions of all time, “How do I KNOW for sure that I'm in labor? What are the signs of labor? What aren't signs of labor? How do I time my contractions? When should I go to the hospital?”
    Sarah shares with you the TRUE signs of labor - fully understanding that everyone is differe...

  • What Happens When your Water Breaks?

    Your water bag can break at any point before or during labor. What do you do when it breaks? What might happen in the hospital? What should you expect? Get all your questions answered here about your water breaking for your labor & birth!