Orgasmic Birth

Orgasmic Birth

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Orgasmic Birth Podcast: Pleasure in pregnancy, birth and parenting. I believe pleasure is our birthright - from our sexuality, birth, parenting and beyond, we can find pleasure when we create space for joy and intimacy in our lives. Join me to have deep conversations about breaking the taboos of Sexuality + Motherhood/Parenthood. Listen to leading experts in sexuality, healing and childbirth as well as stories from new parents, doulas, doctors, midwives and nurses. We will discuss how to positively prepare for childbirth and parenting by expanding love and intimacy in your life.

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Orgasmic Birth
  • Preparing for Pregnancy: Becoming Wildly Orgasmic Before Birth

    Episode 25

    Orgasm is not a one-size-fits-all. It’s a unique experience for each person. Just as how each person goes through different life stages. In this episode, we are joined by Yanique Bell, a Tantric Intimacy & Empowerment Coach, and Somatic Healer, also known as The Pussy Queen. Yanique deep dives in...

  • The Role of the Clitoris in Labour

    Episode 26

    If only we had studied birthing closely by listening to women, we would have created a more positive view of childbirth.
    In this episode, we are joined by Margaret Jowitt to talk about how familiarity with a woman’s anatomy could greatly impact one’s experience of childbirth. Clitoris’ role in r...

  • Why Does Orgasmic Birth Matter?

    Episode 27

    It's time to honor that there is joy, love, pleasure, and ecstasy in birth and start asking, how are we going to support people to have that peak transformational experience? In this episode, Debra discusses why it’s essential to create an orgasmic birth environment where you feel safe and respec...

  • Sexual Relationships and Childbirth After Sexual Trauma

    Episode 28

    Pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum birth are incredible opportunities to discover your strength and emerge feeling stronger and more empowered than you could have ever imagined. However, they can also be a time in which many people experience trauma, especially when they have a history of pa...

  • Ep. 3 | From Sexual Orgasm to Orgasmic Births with Renee Rodríguez

    Episode 29

    You'd probably seen enough of people on TV and in movies suffering terrible, difficult deliveries, with plenty of screaming and sobbing (and perhaps a spouse's hand being squeezed, too). As a result, some women fear pregnancy, while others decide not to have children at all!

  • Life After Birth with Dr. Diane S Speier

    Episode 30

    Although the transition to parenthood will transform your life, you should be prepared for what happens after the birth in order to successfully steer through the early weeks of this postpartum period. Today, Dr. Diane S Speier provides great insights about how to make the transition to parenthoo...

  • Embrace the Wild of Intimate Birth with Marrit Vos

    Episode 31

    Are you ready to welcome change and break away from the stigma surrounding childbirth? In this episode, my guest, Marrit Vos tells her story of how she embraced an intimate and wild birth despite fears and doubts. She describes her experience of labor, which was both empowering and beautiful.

  • How to Find Movement, Comfort & Pleasure in Birth

    Episode 32

    Pleasure can be found in movement and birth can be more enjoyable when attended to with care and respect. In this episode, Debra navigates how comfort during labor and childbirth is crucial and breaks down different techniques that can help you have a more pleasant experience. She stresses how th...

  • Choosing to Have Faith in Love & Life

    Episode 33

    Is orgasmic birth the key to unlocking innate wisdom, pleasure, and possibility? My guest today is ​​Jenny Koos, aka Vulverine, and her husband Lovemark Boadu, both based in Sweden. Jenny is an author and speaker on fertility awareness and women’s health and teaches Holistic Reproductive Health P...

  • Bringing Sexual Health and Birth Together

    Episode 34

    Understanding how sexual pleasure can ease labor pain and enhance birth is a huge gap for both providers and expected parents.
    In this episode, Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski discusses the importance of good sex education and how it can help reduce barriers to pleasure for both survivors of sexual assault...

  • Female Sexuality and Plateaus in Labor

    Episode 35

    Is there a connection physiologically between sexual activity and birth?

    In this episode, Elizabeth Davis, a midwife, reproductive health care specialist, educator, and consultant for over 40 years, explores the powerful link between female sexuality and birth and why bringing awareness of plate...

  • A Journey from Pain to Purpose and Becoming an Advocate for the Voiceless with..

    Episode 36

    Listen in to Valda Ford as she shares her experiences in giving birth and the hurdles she faced, especially during her second birth. Through her story, she emphasizes the importance of being open and honest with partners, understanding cultural norms and practices, and exploring pleasure in a saf...

  • Stand and Deliver Birthing with Ease & Pleasure

    Episode 37

    When you envision giving birth, what position do you imagine you will be in? Many of the images and media we see is of someone on their backs in a bed. But is this really the safest and sexiest way?

    In this episode, Debra Pascali discusses the history of birth positions prior to the medicalizati...

  • Having a Breech Orgasmic Birth with Dr. Amanda Noelle

    Episode 38

    Do you already know all your options to find the safest, gentle, and most pleasurable path to birth?

    Join Dr. Amanda Noelle and Debra Pascali-Bonaro in an inspiring conversation exploring the power of pleasure, trust, and love during childbirth and parenting.

    Dr. Amanda inspires you with her wi...

  • A Journey of Trauma Healing Through Ecstatic Home Birth

    Episode 39

    We are never too old to feel the joy of being a child again, especially if our childhood was a painful experience.

    In this episode, Meghan Hindi, an inspirational mother who experienced healing through an ecstatic home birth, shares her powerful story of reclaiming her strength and finding joy a...

  • The Power of Storytelling in Birth Work with Clancy McCarty

    Episode 40

    My guest today is extra special to me. Clancy McCarty is a registered nurse, and student-nurse midwife who spent over a decade as a documentary film producer with Every Mother Counts, the maternal health advocacy non-profit founded by Christy Turlington Burns that aims to make pregnancy and chil...

  • How your first 1000 days hold the key to health, happiness and your Blueprint...

    Episode 41

    Besides being a Medical Doctor, Nienke Stoop was trained to be an Acupuncturist, Master Face Reader, Life Coach, Fertility Expert and Healer. She is dedicated to bridging Western science and Eastern wisdom, facilitating the dawn of a new paradigm in Personal Health, Medicine and Healing. Nienke i...

  • The initiatory power of birth with Dawn Leonard

    Episode 42

    Dawn Leonard is a womb healing practitioner who has devoted over a decade to the art of healing the womb space, including both the physical uterus and the energetics of the "second chakra". Her journey began with fertility and has since led her through a range of experiences, including pregnancy,...

  • Reimagining Baby Showers to Create Supportive Villages for Birthing Women with..

    Episode 43

    Kaitlin McGreyes is the founder of BeHerVillage, a gift registry for parents to find and fund the care they need as they welcome their babies. She began her career as a birth doula in 2014, providing support to hundreds of families through their parenthood journeys. Kaitlin has since founded a do...

  • Writing and Communicating Your Birth Preferences

    Episode 44

    In this episode, Debra shares how expecting mothers can positively prepare for an orgasmic birth. From researching birth options to expressing feelings and wishes through birth art, Debra helps create a birth plan that reflects their preferences. She discusses ways to make labor enjoyable, such a...

  • Bliss and Ease in Birth Through Movement with Stephanie Larson

    Episode 45

    Stephanie Larson, the visionary founder of Dancing For Birth™, is a renowned expert in childbirth and movement. Her revolutionary childbirth method has helped countless women and birthing individuals achieve blissful and effortless births. Birth professionals can attend the Dancing For Birth™ Pro...

  • The Anatomy of the Clitoris and Its Role in Birth with Gil Hedley

    Episode 46

    I recently saw an incredible video Anatomy of the Clitoris: Learn Integral Anatomy with Gil Hedley. I smiled, I had met Gil many years ago when he was having his children, I trained his sister as a doula and have loved following her path as she is now a midwife. Even Gils mother trained as a post...

  • Barbara Harper The Gifts of Waterbirth

    Episode 47

    Barbara Harper is an internationally recognized expert on waterbirth and gentle birth. She founded Waterbirth International in 1987, with one goal in mind – to ensure that waterbirth is an “available option” for all birthing families. She has published dozens of professional articles and intervie...

  • Jessica Pin “The Clitoris: For More than Just Pleasure

    Episode 49

    Jessica Pin is an advocate for inclusion of detailed clitoral anatomy in medical literature and curricula, training standards for vulvar procedures, and correction of medical misinformation about vulvas. She has gotten 12 major medical textbooks, 2 top anatomy apps, and multiple online resources ...