The Real Midwives of Los Angeles

The Real Midwives of Los Angeles

6 Seasons

The Real Midwives of Los Angeles is a streaming video series hosted by pregnancy focused chiropractor Dr. Elliot Berlin.

The series aims to share the pregnancy and childbirth experiences of real women - and real practicing midwives join to help unpack and process each unique story.

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The Real Midwives of Los Angeles
  • Jenny B. Ep 1

    Episode 1

    All-New Journey: Meet Jenny in Episode 1, a larger-than-life Broadway choreographer and fitness instructor who shares how she overcame an arduous 5-year struggle with fertility.

  • Jenny B. Ep 2

    Episode 2

    Jenny has good vibes for a positive pregnancy test and then surprises her hubby with the exciting news!

  • Jenny B. Ep 3

    Episode 3

    With her providers nixing Jenny's wishes for home birth, she and her husband take a hospital tour and have an experience neither of them would have ever expected! Tune in for Episode 3 of Jenny's Journey on The Real Midwives of Los Angeles.

  • Jenny B. Ep 4

    Jenny and her husband come up with a unique plan to balance the comforts of not being in a hospital for labor and having a medical safety blanket for birth. Don't miss episode 4 of Jenny's Journey on The Real Midwives of Los Angeles.

  • Jenny B. Ep 5

    Episode 5

    Dance is the backbone of Jenny’s exciting, fast-paced, and successful career and it’s also how she met her husband. But with only a few weeks left until her due date, Jenny listens to her body and stops her work as a choreographer and fitness instructor. Check out Episode 5 of Jenny's Journey on ...

  • Jenny B. Ep 6

    For high energy and high activity people, settling down during the last few weeks of pregnancy can be a daunting change of pace. Luckily, Jenny keeps herself busy physically getting the nest ready while mentally preparing for her birth and after birth. Check out Episode 6 of Jenny's Journey on th...

  • Jenny B. Ep 7

    Jenny's baby has arrived! And with their arrival comes the start of a new journey. In episode 7, Jenny takes us through the final days of pregnancy and beginning of her labor together with insight from childbirth educator, doula, and student midwife Katie Hamilton. Check out Episode 7 of Jenny's...

  • Jenny B. Ep 8

    Jenny checks into a hotel following her unique birth plan to labor at a hotel across the street from the hospital and to walk across when she is ready to deliver. After checking in for her 'labor day' stay, Jenny orders room service (womb service?) and takes leisure walks in and around the hotel....

  • Jenny B. Ep 9

    With her bag of fluids confirmed to be ruptured Jenny is on the clock and hoping that her labor will progress before 24 hours elapse. Despite the pressure and the sleep deprivation, Jenny is in good spirits, powering through her surges and heads to Victoria Secret for some shopping for some post...

  • Jenny B. Ep 10

    20 hours into her labor journey Jenny’s family takes a break for dinner while Dr. Berlin combines aromatherapy, massage therapy, and a little humor to help Jenny relax in mind and body and surrender into her contractions. Despite the calming environment, some anxiousness bubbles up knowing that ...

  • Jenny B. Ep 11

    More than 24 hours in Jenny heads to the hospital per her doctor’s request. She declines the hospital gown, choosing instead to stay in her personal clothing to minimize the clinical feel around her. Jenny is told her baby is "sunny side up" and uses the SIMs technique and a peanut ball to enco...

  • Jenny B. Ep 12

    More than forty hours into labor Jenny is checked for the first time and found to be dilated 2.5 centimeters. With a ways to go and no rest for three days, the medical team suggests an epidural so she can rest. Jenny is in good spirits and finds comfort in photos of her favorite place as the hou...

  • Jenny B. Ep 13

    60 hours into labor and on a high dose of Pitocin Jenny learns that she is still 3 cm dilated and tells her unborn child “However you want to come is OK, I am letting go.” Soon after, her doctor suggests cesarean birth and Jenny and her husband agree. Some unforeseen complications occur during t...

  • Jenny B. Ep 14

    It's the final episode of this journey, Jenny, Katie Hamilton, and Dr. Berlin reflect on Jenny's inspiring journey to motherhood and how she adapted to unexpected twists and turns and what she learned from those experiences.