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  • Jenny B. Ep 8

    Jenny checks into a hotel following her unique birth plan to labor at a hotel across the street from the hospital and to walk across when she is ready to deliver. After checking in for her 'labor day' stay, Jenny orders room service (womb service?) and takes leisure walks in and around the hotel....

  • Jenny B. Ep 9

    With her bag of fluids confirmed to be ruptured Jenny is on the clock and hoping that her labor will progress before 24 hours elapse. Despite the pressure and the sleep deprivation, Jenny is in good spirits, powering through her surges and heads to Victoria Secret for some shopping for some post...

  • Jenny B. Ep 10

    20 hours into her labor journey Jenny’s family takes a break for dinner while Dr. Berlin combines aromatherapy, massage therapy, and a little humor to help Jenny relax in mind and body and surrender into her contractions. Despite the calming environment, some anxiousness bubbles up knowing that ...