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Healthful Woman Podcast

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Healthful Woman podcast is presented by Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates of New York City. The podcast is hosted by and featuring OBGYNs and other healthcare providers and experts in women’s health.

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Healthful Woman Podcast
  • “Long Acting Reversible Contraception” – with Dr. Caroline Friedman

    Episode 25

    Dr. Caroline Friedman joins host Dr. Fox to discuss Long Acting Reversible Contraception, or LARC. This includes several forms of birth control, primarily intrauterine devices (IUDs) and subdermal implants. Dr. Friedman and Dr. Fox discuss the reasons women choose these forms of birth control and...

  • “Do What You Love!” – Meet Dr. Sara Kostant

    Episode 26

    Dr. Sara Kostant is an OBGYN at Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates in New York City who has been with the practice for a year and a half. She and Dr. Fox discuss her experiences working for numerous hospitals across the country, including her residency in Omaha, Nebraska and time spent as an OB H...

  • “Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology The Few and the Proud”

    Episode 27

    In this episode, Dr. Gylynthia Trotman discusses Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, including her path to being educated in the subspecialty and what an average appointment with her patients is like. Dr. Fox also interviews her about her background, including growing up spending summers in the ...

  • Delivery of Twins - Double the Fun! - with Dr. Stephanie Melka

    Episode 28

    In this episode, Dr. Melka and Dr. Fox talk about delivering twins. It has become somewhat unusual in the U.S. for twins to be delivered vaginally. Dr. Melka and Dr. Fox talk about training obstetricians for this scenario, whether planned C-Sections are always best, and more.

  • Fetal Growth Restriction - with Dr. Simi Gupt

    Episode 29

    Dr. Simi Gupta joins Dr. Fox to discuss fetal growth restriction, which refers to babies who are under the 10th percentile in size. Dr. Gupta has researched this condition, and explains that while most of the time there are no health concerns, doctors can watch out for other signs that may mean t...

  • Organic Chemistry and Fetal Echocardiography - Meet Dr. Jen Lam-Rachlin!

    Episode 30

    Meet Dr. Jen Lam-Rachlin! Dr. Lam-Rachlin explains her background and how she got into medicine, including her initial interest as an undergrad studying organic chemistry, a research-heavy maternal fetal medicine fellowship, and how she decided to pursue Obstetrics and Gynecology after finding sh...

  • “The World of Genetics” – meet Dr. Tamar Goldwaser

    Episode 31

    For the first episode of the Prenatal Genetics Miniseries, Dr. Tamar Goldwaser goes over the basics. She explains the difference between genetic counselors and medical geneticists and the ways they often work together, plus situations in which patients may seek genetic counseling or care from a m...

  • Looking into our Baby's Genes Aneuploidy Screening and Testing .

    Episode 32

    Dr. Tamar Goldwaser returns to Healthful Woman for episode two of the Prenatal Genetics miniseries. She discusses aneuploidy screening, a test to check for the number of chromosomes present and whether a person has more or fewer than the expected 46 chromosomes. This can indicate a number of gene...

  • We're all Mutated Carrier Screening - with Dr. Tamar Goldwaser

    Episode 33

    In the third episode of the Prenatal Genetics series, Dr. Goldwaser and Dr. Fox discuss carrier screening. Carrier screening involves checking two potential parents’ DNA to see whether they have a genetic condition that could be passed on to a fetus, and is usually performed before a pregnancy. D...

  • “Supporting Women with Pregnancy Loss” – with Shira Billet

    Episode 34

    Host Dr. Fox welcomes Dr. Shira Billet, who since experiencing pregnancy loss herself counsels women and families through this trauma. Dr. Billet holds a PhD in philosophy and religion, and outside of her professional career has carved a niche for herself in helping others deal with the grief of ...

  • “Saving Mothers” – with Dr. Tara Shirazian

    Episode 35

    In the second episode of the mini series, Dr. Tara Shirazian joins Dr. Fox to talk about "Saving Mothers," a nonprofit which she founded to improve maternal health worldwide. In this episode, Dr. Shirazian explains her background and education and why she is passionate about global health. She di...

  • Invasive Testing CVS and Amniocentesis - with Dr. Andrei Rebarber

    Episode 36

    In the fourth and final episode of the prenatal genetics miniseries, Dr. Fox is joined by Dr. Rebarber to discuss two types of invasive prenatal genetic testing: CVS and amniocentesis tests. Through the episode, they explain why a mother would decide to undergo these tests, what they can detect, ...

  • “Time with A Time” – with Simi Hersko and Yehudis Grunwald

    Episode 37

    Dr. Fox speaks with Simi Hersko and Yehudis Grunwald from A Time, a nonprofit organization that helps women and families dealing with infertility as well as pregnancy loss, stillbirth, adoption, or IVF. A Time began as an emotional support and advice resource for families dealing with infertility...

  • “Critical Care for Pregnant Women” – with Dr. Stephanie Martin

    Episode 38

    In the second episode of the mini series, Dr. Tara Shirazian joins Dr. Fox to talk about "Saving Mothers," a nonprofit which she founded to improve maternal health worldwide. In this episode, Dr. Shirazian explains her background and education and why she is passionate about global health. She di...

  • “Jewish Fast Days Can Pregnant Women Try to Fast”

    Episode 39

    Dr. Melka and Dr. Fox discuss whether it’s safe for pregnant women to fast, particularly with regards to Jewish fast days. On fast days, observers do not eat or drink for up to 25 hours, depending on the holiday. Dr. Fox and Dr. Melka explain when it is and isn’t safe for pregnant women to fast a...

  • “High Risk Pregnancies Telling Important Stories” – with Dr. Chavi Eve Karkowsky

    Episode 40

    Dr. Fox interviews Dr. Chavi Eve Karkowsky, a friend, fellow maternal fetal medicine specialist, and author of “High Risk: Stories of Pregnancy, Birth, and the Unexpected.” They discuss what lead Dr. Karkowsky to write the book, how she chose which stories to tell, protecting patients’ privacy, a...

  • Recovery from Vaginal and Cesarean Delivery - with Dr. Sara Kostant

    Episode 41

    Dr. Sara Kostant returns to Healthful Woman to discuss the early stages of recovery for new mothers after vaginal and cesarean delivery. In this episode, she and Dr. Fox explain what patients and their loved ones can expect immediately after delivery until the first postpartum visit. This include...

  • The Postpartum Visit - with Dr. Stephanie Lam

    Episode 42

    Dr. Stephanie Lam explains the postpartum visit, which is a new mother’s first visit with her OB/GYN after giving birth and takes place anywhere between 3-12 weeks after delivery. Dr. Lam explains what she looks for during this visit, why she does “a full exam, head to toe,” and what most patient...

  • Infertility Should I be Concerned - with Dr. Susan Lobel

    Episode 43

    In the first episode of the fertility miniseries, Dr. Fox welcomes Dr. Susan Lobel, reproductive endocrinologist and founder of Metropolitan Reproductive Medicine in New York City. Dr. Lobel explains the most common reasons couples struggle to conceive, fertility treatments, IVF, and more.

  • “Pregnancy in your 40’s” – with Karen Bleier

    Episode 44

    Karen Bleier, a patient and friend of Dr. Fox, joins the podcast to talk about her experience with pregnancy in her 40s. She and Dr. Fox discuss the risks of pregnancy in your 40s and the symptoms or birth experience that older patients might expect in their own pregnancies.

  • Gestational Carriers Building a Family with the Help of Another” - with Adina

    Episode 45

    Dr. Fox welcomes Adina and Simon Brief, who had their third child with the help of a gestational carrier. Adina and Simon tell their story, including why they chose a gestational carrier (or surrogate), their advice for other parents, and explaining the process to friends and family.

  • “Gestational Carriers The Choice to Help Another Family” - with Adrienne Van

    Episode 46

    Adrienne Van Ardsall joins Dr. Fox to discuss her experience as a gestational carrier. Adrienne was the carrier for Simon and Adina Brief, who told their side of the story in a previous episode. She explains why she chose to be a gestational carrier, advice for women who are interested, and how s...

  • “Exercise in Pregnancy Yes!” – with Dr. Stephanie Melka

    Episode 47

    Dr. Stephanie Melka returns to Healthful Woman to discuss exercise during pregnancy. She and Dr. Fox answer what kinds of exercise women can and should do during pregnancy, debunking misconceptions, and review specific tips for various kinds of exercise.

  • “Yoga Healing for the Body and Mind” – with Trella Allen

    Episode 48

    In the first episode of Yoga Week, Dr. Fox welcomes Dr. Trella Allen, a yoga teacher and physical therapist. Dr. Allen explains how she incorporates yoga into physical therapy and the benefits, both physical and mental, of the practice.