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Watch Module 1 - Lesson 2: Postural Adjustments

Watch Module 1 - Lesson 2: Postural Adjustments

Module 1 - Lesson 2: Postural Adjustments

Mindful Movement • 16m

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  • Module 1 - Lesson 2a: Muscle Releases

    This will give you a great place to start on releasing some of those non-optimal patterns and compensatory muscles in your body. It’s good to figure out what is holding on too tightly so that you can come back and review these whenever you need!

  • Module 1 - Lesson 2b: More on Minimal...

    Our feet are the foundation of our entire body; if they’re not stable, strong, and resilient, neither will our pelvic floor be. It’s important to consider how your footwear affects the rest of your body!

  • Module 1 - Lesson 3: Syncing Breathin...

    You have already learned the fundamentals of the anatomy and physiology and how we can start to release and realign our muscles to improve our alignment. We can now start the process of retraining the pelvic food and core by re-learning how to breathe, which is part of the strengthening piece! Th...