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Watch Module 2 - Lesson 2: Basic Lifting

Watch Module 2 - Lesson 2: Basic Lifting

Module 2 - Lesson 2: Basic Lifting

Mindful Movement • 37m

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    You might be wondering, when should I progress my exercises? This can feel like an overwhelming question, especially when we search the internet for answers. It seems there are endless possibilities for exercises..and there are!...but it’s difficult to know where to start. You’re in the right pla...

  • Module 2 - Lesson 4: Modifying Exercises

    You might wonder how and when you should modify exercises. Just like progressions, the answer depends on you! Let’s break down the reasons you might want to modify, and then we’ll go over five ways you can change up exercises.

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  • Module 2 - Lesson 5: Intro to Dysfunc...

    Welcome to module 2, lesson 5, the one about dysfunction. You might be tempted to skip this lesson until you’re experiencing symptoms, but I would encourage you to learn as much as you can now.
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