The Core Connection: From Anatomy to Action

The Core Connection: From Anatomy to Action

5 Episodes

In this 5-video series, learn what you need to know to start improving your pelvic floor and core strength for pregnancy and postpartum. You will learn the basics of the pelvic floor, key postural adjustments, muscle releases that work wonders, and how to breathe for a healthier and stronger core! This foundational series will empower you to move well and be more informed about what you can do to help balance the pelvic floor and core muscles for optimal function during and after pregnancy.

Hosted by Natalie Headdings, Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

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The Core Connection: From Anatomy to Action
  • Pelvic Floor & Deep Core Anatomy and Function

    Episode 1

    Learn about the anatomy and physiology of the pelvic floor and deep core muscles. It’s important to learn these foundational principles before starting to integrate it into your movement, because the more informed you are about what’s going on inside, the better mind-body connection you will have.

  • Postural Adjustments for a Stronger Core

    Episode 2

    Shift the posture paradigm and realign your spine. With these simple and fast adjustments, most people feel less pain in just a few minutes, which leads to feeling stronger and more stable long term.

  • Muscle Releases and Stretches for a Happier Pelvis

    Episode 3

    Muscles that are too tight or compensating for other imbalances can make it hard to get into better alignment and work the correct muscles when you exercise. Enjoy these stretches and targeted releases and come back to them anytime you feel out of balance.

  • The Stronger Your Feet, the Stronger Your Pelvic Floor

    Episode 4

    Your feet are your foundation, and if you have a solid foundation of strength and resiliency, it’s more likely that your pelvic floor will also be strong and resilient, as well as the rest of your body. Strength starts with your toes!

  • Breathing for Better Core Function

    Episode 5

    You have already learned the fundamentals of the anatomy and physiology and how we can start to release and realign our muscles to improve our alignment. We can now start the process of retraining the pelvic floor and core by re-learning how to breathe, which is part of the strengthening piece! T...